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Welcome in my arms



Former journalist and nurse, I (Robin) learned massages during a long asian trip. Since 2017, I have been practicing naturist (massager and massaged both naked) using Tantra tools to enrich a powerful massage base.

I mix body to body, cuddle therapy, tantric connection, gentleness and touching with a firm toning massage which may include Thai stretching. I promise you a unique moment! ​


In 2023, I am training Camille who will join me to offer more time slots and satisfy a larger number of people. We are eager to adapt our massages to your needs, regardless of your age and physique as long as you demonstrate respect, punctuality and hygiene, you are all welcome.


Our difference? Communication. We talk at the start of the massage to Jazz/Soul music: to put you at ease, create proximity and get to know each other other than through touch.

We receive you in a private apartment in Paris 17, in a warm and intimate atmosphere. It is advisable to book in advance.


We massage 3 people per day (at the normal rate), if you want a quicker appointment by being the 4th of the day, it is possible but at an increased rate.

Robin often has a 3-week wait unless there is a VIP session (increased rate). Camille is more easily free (for the moment). ​

All our massages are naturist and reserved for males and adults, gay, bi or straight. They take place on a futon placed on a hard bed. The oil is low in fat and odorless. You can shower before and after the massage (perfect hygiene required). ​


Rate : 

         - Signature : 1h/120€ ou 1h30/160€

         - Pure Tantra ou Body-body : 1h/130€ ou 1h30/170€

         - RED TANTRA : 1h/150€ ou 1h30/200€.



Working hours :       Monday - Friday : 9h - 18h30

                                Saturday : 10h - 14h (+50€)

Extra info :

     - Moving inside Paris or VIP appointment (last minute) and Sundays  price is 200€/H 

     - Face to face massage training : 300€/3h.

     - Couple massage or initiation of tantra massage for couples (same price as the classic sessions)

     -  Am I unavailable? Ask me the number of my colleagues! 



A unique and quite personal mix of tender thai, balinese and tantric massage.

It is a relaxing and firm combination on the muscles firstly, that ends with  sensual relaxation movements. 

It is, actually, the most preferred massage of my clients because it is firm, strong, body to body and sensual.  

Perfect for a first session 

The awakening of the senses as well as the smoothness are the guidelines of this classic tantric massage "in the rules of art". 

A combination of very slow and gentle mouvements on the principles of vibrating touches and gestures that make circulate the energies of the erogenous areas towards the chakras. It is a moment that we concentrate on our feelings, and we let it go. This massage is reserved for connoisseurs who have already experienced my signature massage.

Should not be confused with erotic body to body massage. 

4 hand Massage and hot stone Massage are on demand (never during the 1st appointment) 


Massage that combines smoothness and firmness in a body to body approach. I use my whole body (hands, elbows, knees, feet ) in order to massage you and and all my weight so that I can slip and wrap you. (Cuddle therapy) 

It is the most sensual and mutual massage, where you have the possibility to place your hands on me BUT, nothing can be taken for granted and it is certainly not a sexual act. 



A relaxing massage, body to body with gentle mouvements and cuddle therapy. More specifically, it includes the lingam (phallus), the perineum, the anus and the prostate. 


It is reserved to a regular audience. The sensations are eroticising but under no circumstances is it a shared sexual act.

This "hot" massage aims to explore your own intimate sensations.  


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34 rue Lemercier

75017 PARIS

Tel: 06 52 70 00 29

Horaires : Lundi - Vendredi : 9h - 18h30

                Samedi : 10h - 16h


10 things to know before a session 

1 : Impeccable hygiene, from the feet to the head through the teeth ;)

2 : Punctuality and sms in case of being late! 

3 : Trust me, do not try to understand everything, let me surprise you. 

4 : Let go, let me do. The masseur is an actor, the masse is a rag doll. 

5 : Talk to me : Pains, problems, expectations, areas you like or hate to be touched...

6 : Consent: we respect the masseur's rules and should not confuse tantric massage with sexual acts.

7 : Dare to be naked, without judgement, without shame!

8 : Get to know the benefits of the massage (relaxation, stress reduction, easier sleep, libido boost)

9 : Connection : as in every meeting, every massage is different and dépends on various factors. This relationship is built, enriched and evolves in time. 

10 : Indulgence : there are days with and days without, I am not a machine. My massages depend on my mood, energy and libido. 

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